Municipal Community Center of Al Ain City Municipality in Al Aamerah area organized a community initiative to maintain the public appearance, with the participation of people of determination (PoD) from the Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination (ZHO) and Tadweer, in collaboration with strategic partners and local dignitaries in Al Ain. This was part of "Um Saeed" initiative launched by the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) to preserve the city's aesthetic appearance.
The initiative aims to engage people of determination in community activities to enhance their role and integration into society while maintaining the beauty of the Al Aamerah area. It also seeks to foster community contribution from local residents through regular initiatives organized by the municipality.
Ahmed Imran Al Ameri, Director of Municipal Community Center in Al Aamerah, explained: "Through this initiative, in cooperation with ZHO, Tadweer, and Agricultural Rehabilitation Unit in Al Aamerah, the municipality aims to activate the role of Municipal Community Centers in residential areas and neighborhoods while enhancing the quality of services provided to the residents of Al Aamerah. The goal is to instill and strengthen the spirit of community responsibility so that everyone can enjoy living in a healthy environment free from pollutants and negative phenomena that mar the public appearance."
Abdullah Al Kamali, Executive Director of ZHO People of Determination Sector, emphasized that this initiative helps improve the public appearance of the area. He highlighted their role in integrating people of determination into such community initiatives in Al Ain, noting that they will increase the participation of PoD in these initiatives in collaboration with government institutions in Al Ain.
Fatima Al Hermoudi, Head of Community Engagement at Tadweer, highlighted the pioneering role of the group in collaboration with various entities and community members of all categories to promote residents' responsibility for maintaining the beauty of Al Aamerah area. Al Hermoudi stressed the importance of activating the role of each individual in society in preserving the civilized appearance of Al Ain city areas in general by educating pPoD on proper waste disposal methods, reducing usage, reusing, and recycling materials. The group aims to harness technology and strengthen partnerships to ensure effective participation in maintaining public cleanliness and creating a healthy environment for current and future generations.
About Tadweer Group:
Tadweer, part of "ADQ" based in Abu Dhabi, leads the way in promoting sustainable waste management practices and setting new standards in the circular economy approach. The company’s strategic vision aims to bring about a significant transformation in waste management by extracting important value from waste.
As the sole entity responsible for all waste management activities in Abu Dhabi, Tadweer is committed to leveraging advanced technologies and strengthening strategic partnerships to support the UAE’s sustainability goals. Tadweer aims to divert 80% of Abu Dhabi’s waste from landfills by 2030. Alongside its commitment to maintaining the appearance of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Tadweer has ambitious international goals, striving to make significant contributions to sustainable waste management beyond the UAE.
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