The Department of Municipalities and Transport - Al Ain City Municipality continued to decorate the streets and squares of the city by planting about 3.4 million seasonal flowers on an area of more than 340,000 square meters in the heart of Al Ain city and its suburbs during the current winter season, as the aesthetic appearance of the city depends on the success of planting flowers in beautiful arrangements that reflect their bright colors, aromatic smells, consistency of sizes and gradation, as they represent the cosmetic framework for the sides of the main and secondary roads, the median islands and the general agricultural areas in the city. In order to enhance the general civilized appearance and aesthetic form enjoyed by the city of Al Ain.

The Municipality of Al Ain City is working to achieve diversity in the cultivation of flower varieties for each season according to a well-studied plan to choose multiple types and colors of flowers using modern methods and designs to highlight the aesthetic gradation of the colors and varieties used. Climatology, water need, degree of tolerance to salinity and others.

The flowers of the current season with an autumn or early winter lug are characterized by a great diversity in the types of flowers and their chosen colors due to the beginning of suitability of climatic conditions for their cultivation, as the types of flowers planted for the current season include the flowers of the ageratum, amarantes, interhenm, silochia, calendiola, cosmos, dahlia, Diantes, Petunia, Marigold Gold, Silvia and others. To support the soil with nutrients with the continuation of irrigation operations with water to prepare the soil, and then the seedlings that have been prepared in nurseries are planted by choosing the finest types of seeds according to international specifications, so that the care and maintenance of flowers continues after planting by adding chemical fertilizer and continuing the operations of stirring and aerating the soil. Which in turn contributed to providing the actual water need for each flower in the basin without wasting water, which is one of the most important factors that contribute to the success of flower cultivation, which represents the cosmetic framework for green spaces, streets, and roadsides in Al Ain city.


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