The Department of Municipalities and Transport - Al Ain City Municipality has prepared to handle repercussions of the weather conditions expected in the city on February 28 and 29. This is through a proactive plan involving raising the level of readiness and preparedness, preparing field teams and resources, and enhancing the efficiency of the rainwater drainage network in the streets and tunnels of Al Ain City.
The preparations made by Al Ain City Municipality included equipping all types of machinery and coordinating with contracting companies and contractors to support response operations, preparing emergency teams, and disseminating notices and awareness messages to all members of the community.
Engineer Hassan Khalfan Al-Sawafi, Director of Infrastructure Maintenance Department, said, "Al Ain City Municipality has raised the readiness of emergency teams in all sectors of the city and increased the readiness of call reception teams to ensure a quick response and direct handling of incoming cases. The number of personnel dealing with emergency response exceeds 421 employees, with dedicated teams including engineers, emergency maintenance teams, monitors, and drivers working around the clock. The municipality has also dedicated a direct communication channel via the emergency contact center at 993 and the WhatsApp platform at 026788888 to receive public reports 24/7 and respond through field technical teams according to the approved response plan to achieve a 100% recovery rate."
Al-Sawafi added, "In response to the weather conditions, emergency teams ensured that rainwater drainage points were opened in all city sectors, distributed pumps and water tankers in areas affected by the rainfall, and lowered water levels in Al Ain Faiyda and Hafeet lakes to prevent them from rising with more rain. The municipality is also providing patrols to monitor all reports of water accumulation or tree debris and follow the movement of main valleys in the city."
Al-Sawafi emphasized that the municipality is monitoring construction companies to stop all work at sites, secure cranes and scaffolding, stop lifting operations, fix temporary barriers and fences, and remove potentially airborne materials from heights and open areas.
The municipality also urges community members to drive cautiously during the weather conditions, place properties in covered areas to protect them in case of hail, avoid standing near trees and light poles, and stay away from floodplains, valleys, and rainwater accumulations.

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