In line with values of generosity, community volunteer work, and tolerance in the United Arab Emirates, Al Ain City Municipality is implementing the Ramadan Mir Initiative. This initiative, which becomes particularly significant during the holy month, involves providing a food basket containing essential items for Ramadan 2024. In collaboration with the Red Crescent Authority and a group of strategic partners, the initiative aims to support more than 400 underprivileged families and will continue until the end of Ramadan. The main distribution center for food items is located in Al Ain Industrial Area.
Ramadan Mir Initiative aims to execute community initiatives that enhance social bonds, reinforce the principle of social solidarity, and appreciate the values of goodness within the community, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.
Additionally, Al Ain City Municipality is carrying out an initiative to distribute 6,050 Iftar meals during Ramadan, in collaboration with the Red Crescent. This initiative includes six centers: the City Center, Al Hair Center, Al Maqam Center, Mazyad Center, Municipal Community Center, and Al Waqn Center. The aim is to embody the teachings of Islam, reinforce the values of generosity and human compassion, and strengthen community relations and responsibilities among different segments of UAE society during Ramadan.
The Iftar meal initiative involves distributing 6,050 meals at an average of 200 meals daily throughout Ramadan. The meals will be distributed in Nahil Park, Al Jahili Park, Al Maqam Park, Al Salamat Park, Abu Samra Park, Ramah Rest Area, Al Nod Area, Al Amira Area, and Al Waqn Area. The goal is to enhance the community role of Al Ain City Municipality by supporting low-income individuals and workers, with the participation of the UAE Red Crescent's Ne'ma Preservation Project and several strategic partners.
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