Al Ain City Municipality has completed the Addressing and Spatial Guidance Project for the city, by manufacturing and installing 70,936 signs for buildings, main streets, and internal streets in neighborhoods and areas in the Al Ain region. In addition to the signs hanging on the main streets for traffic lights and intersections. The Addressing and Spatial Guidance Project aims to provide a unique address for each building, consisting of a simplified building number and the street names where the building faces. The project also aims to create a database of the outputs of the addressing system on geographic information systems (GIS) and to feed the central addressing platform for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the Department of Municipalities and Transport with this data and update it on an ongoing basis. "My Unified Address" within the Addressing and Spatial Guidance Project includes the manufacturing and installation of 56,690 building signs, 2,277 main street signs, 11,430 internal street signs, 152 signs hanging on traffic lights at intersections of some main streets, and the manufacturing and installation of 387 area name signs. This contributes to how businesses and homes are referenced and located, improves emergency response times, helps deliver goods and services faster, and reduces the carbon footprint of vehicles by saving time and protecting the environment.
The Municipality of Al Ain achieved a completion rate of 100% for urban areas in Al Ain City within the current unified signage and wayfinding project "My Address." This project will assist community members, businesses, and city visitors in easily accessing any destination efficiently and effectively. It involves numbering buildings and naming streets in areas within and outside Al Ain City, with unique building numbers and street names. The address for each building is unique and never repeated in any other area of Al Ain. Additionally, QR codes have been added to all panels in neighborhoods and districts, contributing to shortening distances and time, and enhancing quality of life.

The unified addressing system at the level of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi provides an integrated package of features and data within key global and local navigation programs, as well as smart applications that serve economic, social, security, environmental, tourism, and cultural sectors. Additionally, it lays the groundwork for modern infrastructure based on the use of advanced technologies in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) aimed at facilitating the operations of vital sectors.

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