Al Ain City Municipality has completed maintenance and development works in 58 residential neighborhoods as part of the first and second phases of projects to improve the efficiency of roads and infrastructure in old neighborhoods in several areas of Al Ain City, at a total cost of 700 million dirhams.

The projects were commenced in 2019 and were completed within the 2022-2023 completed projects. All project works were finished on time and in accordance with the approved project timelines, with a project completion rate of 100%.

These projects fall within the framework of the Department of Municipalities and Transport's strategy to support urban growth and development in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and in line with the Al Ain Municipality's plan to enhance municipal work by applying the best global practices to provide high-quality, efficient, and sustainable infrastructure that enhances the well-being of the emirate's community.

Engineer\ Saleh Aleriany, Director of The Infrastructure Development Department (IDD) in Al Ain City Municipality, affirmed that these projects aim to enhance the efficiency of roads and infrastructure in old neighborhoods in various areas of Al Ain City. This is done by providing the best services to ensure the well-being and happiness of the community and support the growth and development of residential areas. The projects ensure the provision of all necessary services through the implementation of works to maintain the old road network, construct new roads, establish and maintain rainwater drainage networks, in addition to road lighting works using LED systems, constructing walkways for pedestrians and cyclists, and implementing speed bumps.

Engineer\ Al Araini further explained that the road and infrastructure efficiency enhancement projects for old neighborhoods included the Al Khazna, Rumaih, Abu Samrah, and Al Sadda areas. The projects involved the maintenance and construction of the internal road network in the neighborhoods along a length of 272 km, the construction of bicycle paths along a length of 37 km, the implementation of works for pedestrian walkways along a length of 540 km, the development of rainwater drainage networks along a length of 108 km, the maintenance and installation of more than 12,000 lighting fixtures within the framework of lighting network maintenance works in the neighborhoods. The works also included the installation of 2,468 traffic signs and the creation of more than 29,000 parking spaces in the residential neighborhoods within the scope of the projects.

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