The Municipality of Al Ain City has completed its preparations for weather depressions and rain by coordinating efforts and implementing a proactive plan. This plan includes raising the level of preparedness and readiness, organizing field teams and resources, and enhancing the efficiency of the rainwater drainage network in the streets and tunnels of Al Ain City.
These efforts and plans aim to ensure the smooth flow of water during the rainy season and minimize the risk of its accumulation, provide mechanisms and equipment to deal with emergencies, activate an internal and external communication plan with leading and supporting entities, harness all human and material resources, and respond promptly to emergency reports in order to ensure the safety of community members.
Emergency communication teams operate 24/7 in three shifts. Additionally, the Municipality of Al Ain City communicates through an authorized electronic safety platform to receive, document, manage, and promptly close reports. The Emergency Office receives public reports on the toll-free number 993 around the clock.
In preparation for potential low-pressure systems and rainfall, the Emergency and Business Continuity Management Department at Al Ain City Municipality has been actively raising awareness among the city's residents about precautionary and preventive measures during the rainy season. This has been achieved through a series of 10 community visits to majlis (traditional Arabic gatherings) in various parts of Al Ain City. The awareness campaign has targeted individuals from the community, including farm owners, homeowners, and building owners, as well as educating young people about the importance of avoiding areas prone to landslides and wadis (dry riverbeds) when venturing into desert areas.
During last year's low-pressure systems, Al Ain City Municipality closed 392 reports related to various incidents, including water accumulation on main streets, the fall of some signboards, trees, and lighting poles, and collapses in some streets. The municipality's technical teams worked to open all main roads and tunnels at 100%.

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