Al Ain City Municipality has successfully concluded the first season of the "Souq Sabie" event, held from November 25 to March 16 at Exit 25 in Al Masaken area. This event aligns with the Department of Municipalities and Transport's strategy to create sustainable entertainment venues that support domestic tourism in Abu Dhabi's regions.
The "Souq Sabie" attracted over 26,222 visitors who enjoyed the vibrant market atmosphere and activities, with 1,805 participants involved in various events. These activities catered to all segments of the community, including citizens and residents of Al Ain, offering a wide range of engagements and accompanying events.
The first season of "Souq Sabie" featured a blend of heritage and innovation, providing a diverse array of local and non-local products to meet the community's needs in Al Ain. The market comprised five main activities: a community market, products from local families, various competitions and entertainment segments, a food and beverage corner, and a children’s play area.
The market was designed to support local ranchers, farmers, and producers, creating a new destination in Al Ain with a variety of heritage and local products. "Souq Sabie" attracted those interested in traditional and local products due to the presence of numerous local families and traditional exhibits, including foods, perfumes, and other heritage items.
Al Ain City Municipality aims to develop domestic tourism and boost economic activity in Al Ain by creating new tourist destinations and dedicated sales areas. The market provides heritage-rich local products that attract visitors and encourages small business owners to excel and innovate in developing their projects and products. This initiative enhances municipal presence, engages community members, and activates their role in developing and maintaining the city.
For more information about Al Ain City Municipality, you can visit or contact the Communication Department - Marketing and Corporate Communication Department at 037127328 or 037127308.

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